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Wecome to Nilautpala

Former place of life of a religious community, this beautiful town house has been renovated eco-place to accommodate you comfortably and with ease. The rooms, a large activity room and a common living area are at your disposal. Currently labeled European Ecolabel.

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Magnificent «royal» room, coquette, in original parquet and composed of 2 twin beds (90X200) as well as 2 beautiful soft armchairs with warm colors.

The bedroom has an integrated bathroom.

You will find comfortable storage and everything you need for a comforting tea.

Room equipped with duvets, bed linen and towels.

Rates of one night per person:

€45.00 (from Sunday to Thursday, the room)
€55.00 (from Friday to Sunday, the room)
€120.00 (Weekend Friday to Sunday + breakfast.)